Mariner's Captain & Crew

Captain Jenan Gage
Commanding officer, (Joined) Trill male

Jenan was born on Trill and was well educated.  
Unjoined, Jenan applied to Starfleet in search of fame and fortune. His experience was tarnished; after earning high marks at the academy he was passed over for multiple promotions.  He eventually retreated back to his homeworld to apply to the Symbiosis Commission.  He went through the trials required of a prospective host but did not meet the expectations. While aboard a starship with his Field Docent, an incident occurred where the captain of the ship was disabled. His Starfleet training took over and he led the crew, saving the ship from certain disaster.  This action won his Field Docent's vote and he was put forward to be a host.

After the Joining process, he felt a need to try Starfleet again.  The experience shared from the Gage symbiont pushed him further than he’d been before, allowing him to quickly climb the ranks until he was made Commander and appointed First Officer of the U.S.S. COLFAX.  After the ship disabled and the Captain killed, he captured a Romulan Valdore from some pirates and saved the senior staff of the COLFAX.  He was promoted to Captain and given the U.S.S. MA
RINER as his first command.

The Gage symbiont had 5 previous hosts.  One died at the hands of Romulans; the symbiont surviving long enough for another host.  Another incident occurred when the Romulans killed Gage’s husband at the time.  Each of these deaths has tainted the symbiont's view on the galaxy, and a special distaste for Romulans.  After joining with Jenan, it has noticed the Captain’s own suspicions of Romulans, which only grows with time.

Commander Tara Leilani
Executive officer, Napean female

Leilani is the captain's right hand.  She advises the captain when there's a tough decision to be made, using her abilities as an empath as needed.  Throughout the course of her service on 
, her mental abilities will far surpass others of her species.

She was born on Psi Upsilon IV and lived there for twenty years, working as a botanist at a local research institution.  She decided to enter Starfleet Academy and served as a science officer aboard the U.S.S. HORIZON, where Ravek was serving as an engineer.  Her admiration for Ravek runs a little deeper than strictly professional, but she is hesitant to break protocol.

As Leilani enjoys gardening, she spends her free time in the hydroponics lab experimenting with new methods to stimulate plant growth in environments where no rich soil is available.

Lieutenant Commander Sirol
Tactical officer, Andorian thaan

Sirol did not perform as well as other cadets in Starfleet Academy, but since graduation he has made improvement. He was actually up for promotion to the rank of Commander and was expecting an executive officer position. Sirol was not promoted, however, as his performance was not quite up to par with the other candidates.

Sirol is the head of 
's security and serves on the bridge as the tactical officer.  With a rough personality, Sirol prods the Captain's darker side to push boundaries more often than he should.  He is in space to roam, pillage, and drink. He does take the crew's safety very seriously, though.  
He maintans friendly banter with the Saurian stationed at Ops, after a rough beginning when Sirol objected to Dirzah's presence on a dangerous mission.  Sirol believed Dirzah was "too green" for such a task, but Dirzah performed well and won Sirol's respect.

Lieutenant Commander Ravek
Engineer, Vulcan male

Ravek is 
's lead engineer.  He was recommended for the position by Tara Leilani, as they had previously served together on the U.S.S. HORIZON.  In contrast to Leilani's more emotional approach, Ravek always endorses logic.  He recognizes Leilani interacts differently with him than with others, but is unwilling to face any emotions.  

Ravek was born in the P'Jem system.  His younger sister died when they were young, and he received her Katra.

Lieutenant Veranis Nik
Flight controller, Bajoran male

Veranis was raised on Bajor by his grandmother. His grandfather died fighting in the resistance against the Cardassians. Veranis always loved to keep active by going for hikes through the dense forests and playing Springball.  He left his home on Bajor to attend Starfleet Academy, where he was the best pilot in his graduating class. Veranis also enjoyed studying stellar cartography, hyperspace physics and creative writing. 

Veranis took his first assignment piloting small craft at Antares Ship Yards in Bajor sector. As an Ensign he was transferred to Deep Space 12 in the Briar Patch. En route to DS12, the ship transporting Veranis and other new crewmembers to the station was attacked by Romulan pirates. Veranis was instrumental in the capture of those pirates. Veranis served as a pilot for the scientists working on DS12 to study the nearby Nequencia Alpha system. The system had the only known naturally occurring source of Gallium. 

Captain Gage requested Veranis to be his flight controller aboard 
. As Veranis had made a name for himself piloting spacecraft, and had also proven his quick thinking against a group of Romulan pirates, he was the natural choice when Starfleet decided to send a new vessel out to the unexplored territory previously under Romulan control. Along with making sure the Captain and crew have a smooth ride aboard
, Veranis also pilots the shuttlecraft used for away missions, diplomatic excursions, up-close scientific research, and more.  On these expeditions he often works with Reese, and their interaction is somewhat flirtatious.

Lieutenant Lauren Veronica Reese
Science officer, Human female

Reese was born on Earth outside London. At a young age she expressed enthusiastic interest in the world around her. She developed some very advanced science fair projects in school, and finished her education a year sooner than others her age. Reese joined Starfleet Academy and continued to excel. She took her first position as an astrometrics analyst on the Deep Space 12 station in the Briar Patch. 

Reese was transferred to the U.S.S. COLFAX which was attacked and destroyed by Romulan pirates. She worked on Deep Space 12 studying a nearby asteroid cluster. Reese was later assigned to the U.S.S. 
, by request of the newly-promoted Captain Gage. Reese's adept navigation skills made her an instant compliment to Veranis, the 
's flight controller. The two have been known to explore new sights together up close using a shuttle, and their interaction is somewhat flirtatious. 

From her Cheif Science Officer station on the bridge she works closely with the other senior officers. Not only does Reese's job entail monitoring sensors, but it is also her duty to make scientific observations and provide the rest of the senior bridge staff with suggestions and concerns regarding the safety of 
and her crew. All other science officers report to her and she oversees all projects done in the science labs. 

Reese has been known to photograph the new places she visits and keeps a digital scrapbook featuring her adventures, which she shares with her younger sister back on Earth.  She often shares breakfast with Leilani, the first officer who acted as a science officer in her previous posting, to seek personal advice.

Doctor Amelia Chou
Medical officer, Human female

Chou was born aboard a Starfleet transport ship.  On the day of her birth, the ship came under fire from Hirogen hunters. Baby and mother escaped, but her father died in the attack. Chou's mother suffered serious injury and died sometime later aboard the vessel that responded to their distress call. As her next of kin couldn’t be located, Chou was put into a Starfleet orphanage for children whose parents had died in action.  This orphanage was located in a region of Earth known as Canada.

On her 19th birthday she applied to Starfleet Academy to become a tactical officer, where she first met Jenan (who was not yet joined with the Gage symbiont). During a training mission in her final year she was marooned on a planet with her fellow cadets; their shuttle was hit by debris from a passing comet. A dying Vulcan cadet made an atypical Vulcan comment about the logic behind the event: she survives tragedies while those around her die. This comment stuck with her and as soon as she got back to the academy she transferred to Starfleet Medical with the intent of saving those hurt by her bad luck.

Chou was posted to MARINER by request of Rear Admiral Bryant, against Gage's wishes.  She keeps an Ubastian
Egyptian cat god "Bastet" or sometimes "Ubasti"
's medical bay.  The cat is from the
 Relva VII, near New Xindus.  It is named 
Māo which is the Pinyin word for "cat."

Lieutenant Junior Grade Laertezvedha Mundir'Zah ("Dirzah")
Operations officer, Saurian male

, Dirzah holds a position at Ops on the bridge where he monitors system power levels, communications, transporters, and more.  
He met Veranis at Starfleet Academy and the two became friends.  He entered the academy a year behind Veranis, but they ended up in the same graduating class as Saurians are so intelligent.  He worked in San Francisco for a while, but was reunited with Veranis when they were both transferred to 
.  They have a lot of catching up to do.  

The nickname "Dirzah" was given to him by Captain Gage after deciding his actual name was too difficult to remember.  This also happened to be the common name for Laertezvedha's mother, so he is not very fond of the nickname (although he would never complain to a senior officer).

Saurians have 4 hearts.  They can filter infrared light with their second set of eyelids.  They can also breathe a variety of gases (not just Oxygen).