Developing an animated Trek series...

A few members of The Omega Squadron, a fleet in Star Trek Online affiliated with, are helping me develop an animated Trek series for fun.  If you're here it is likely because I asked you to help work on this project with us.  I'll keep this page updated with preliminary information and what we need to work on next to get this project going.

The series is set around the time of STO; early 25th century.  Although the Federation and Klingons are at war, we will focus on the disarray of Romulan territory after the collapse of the Empire.  A rogue faction of Romulan pirates is establishing a foothold and should be dealt with before they become a threat to the entire quadrant.  We will find out a mysterious Romulan individual is controlling the actions of this faction as part of a bigger conspiracy to control Romulan government by hand selecting potential new senate members who are loyal to him.  Frequent encounters with the Romulan pirates (slave traders, smugglers, etc.) as well as Hirogen side plots would be nice.  Basically this ship & crew will explore some previously unknown territory in the outskirts of Romulan space, as well as keep the peace as those sectors are quickly falling into chaos with no strong Romulan government to keep control.  

U.S.S. Mariner  NCC-94253.  A star cruiser with the firepower to rival any trouble they may encounter, but also the science capability to chart and explore unknown territory previously controlled by the Romulan Star Empire.  It's modeled after the Vesta class, which was the first class to use a fully functional quantum slipstream drive.  Mariner has such a drive, but uses it only when it absolutely must travel long distances in short time.

Click here to open in a new page.  This page will evolve as we develop each character.

Record yourself reading a few lines from and send the recording to if you would like to be a voice.  You may also e-mail us a link to an existing production to use as your audition; just be sure to let us know which voice is yours.  If selected you will be credited for your talent.

  • Short scripts. Very short, or at least with only a few different scenes so I won't need to draw a million backgrounds. 
  • Addt'l backgrounds, sets, props, etc. These should be drawn in a vector-based program like Adobe Illustrator or Anime Studio. I can import Illustrator files and need layers so I can move characters behind furniture (consoles and chairs and things).
  • 3D *.obj models of various Trek ships (scaled to 10 meters or less). I've contacted a few 3D artists for freebies but haven't gotten responses.
  • Music! We'll probably use Trek soundtracks, but if anyone has something original they would like to share we'll probably use it.
  • Voice acting. I've actually had a lot of people volunteer for this, so I don't see this as something we need to worry about much. This is also the last step in the process.

Visit for sneak peaks at what we've started working on so far.  Eventually we'll have trailers and later full episodes at this location.

We'll make references to our in-game fleet here.  Mariner can be a part of the Omega Squadron, a fleet of high-end starships that usually operate independently, but Fleet Admiral Iborin (stationed in his cushy office at DS12) can summon the ships when there are dire emergencies or whatnot.  People from our Omega Sqdrn who would like to be included could be stationed on other ships in the fleet and can be featured in later episodes.